SuperCoat for Automotive Applications

SuperCoat has many automotive uses such as a DIY truck bed liner, school bus floors, vehicle bumpers, vehicle undercoating, muffler repair coating, RV & mobile home roof waterproofing coating, etc. SuperCoat’s waterproofing, impact resistance, resistance to temperature extremes and corrosion make it ideal for automotive applications.

DIY Truck Bed Liner Applications

A superior alternative to plastic or drop-in pick up truck bedliners. SuperCoat gives improved appearance plus lasting protection against damage from impact, rust and corrosion even on heavily pitted and rusted surfaces. A new and unique liquid pickup truck bedliner, SuperCoat actually bonds to the pickup truck bed. This DIY bed liner costs hundreds of dollars less than expensive plastic bedliners, yet gives lasting protection that is far superior to other methods available for stopping rust formation. Available in black, white, gray, red, green and brown – the colors most wanted by light pickup truck owners who are looking for an excellent DIY liquid truck bed liner. One gallon will cover the entire truck bed floor, walls and tailgate for a 4 x 6 pickup truck with 3 coats. With an order of 5 gallons or more we can produce any shade of color.