SuperCoat for Commercial Applications

 SuperCoat is ideal for many commercial applications – sidewalks, patios, stairways (with a non-slip tread), railings, a durable floor coating, golf cart paths, airplane hangar floors, airport runway coatings, bar floors, car washes, concession stands, cruise ship decks, ladder rungs, life guard platforms, locker rooms, public rest rooms, waterproofing or rustproofing commercial equipment, etc..

Golf Courses – use SuperCoat as a coating sealant for Cart Paths and Facilities

 You’re aware of it! Your golf cart paths deteriorate with use. You can improve their appearance (and the appearance of your whole course) with SuperCoat! You do not have to constantly spend money and time on repairs and resurfacing. Absolutely no need to reapply every year as with other golfway sealers – will last over 5 years. SuperCoat may also be used on wood/metal stairways as well as wood/metal golf course bridges to protect your investment from wear.

Engineered Industrial Protective High Performance Coating Paint (Industrial, Marine)

Inhibits corrosion from environmental factors and corrosive agents such as acids and repairs rust.