Standard Test Results


Testing by an Independent Testing Laboratory found:


Impact Resistance

  • Direct Impact Resistance: no visible signs of chipping, cracking detachment from the steel plate when a 2 lb. steel ball was dropped from 8 feet with the impact at the center of the specimen, coating exhibited firm adhesion outside the impact area.
  • Gardner Impact Resistance; external/concave impact of a 70″/lb.; no damage

Salt Spray Resistance

  • No evidence of rusting or blistering when exposed for a continuous 336 hours.

Resistance to Gasoline

  • After 30 minutes immersion in gasoline, sample showed no wrinkling loss of adhesion. After subsequent drying for 2 hours, the film show no blistering, no softening and no noticeable discoloration.

Resistance to Acid [Hydrochloric (HCl), Nitric (HN03), Sulfuric (H2SO4)

  • No evidence of softening, blistering, wrinkling, loss of adhesion appreciable color change after 4 hours exposure.

Water Resistance

  • No evidence of blistering or wrinkling when immersed in water at 23 C for a continuous 18 hours.


  • Coating showed no loss of adhesion, cracking or peeling and no loss of its protective value when bent at 0 F (-18 C) through 360 F over a 1/8″ diameter mandrel.

Adhesion (Knife Test)

  • Class 5 – no evidence of flaking or loss of adhesion.

Abrasion Resistance (Falling Sand Method)

  • The coating exhibited excellent resistance to abrasion. After 136,000 g there was no visible wear-through.