Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Brief roof inspection after Hurricane Earl  September 4, 2010
Video Uploaded on Sep 5, 2010
This video was shot Sept 5, 2010. The existing roof, having been built with inadequate attic ventilation, cooked the shingles to a state of ‘requires replacement’ after 12 years. I added some ridge ventilation and left the existing gable vents intact and chose to have my ROOFIT custom ‘coloured’ in a light beige so heat reflection would also help my attic temperature from getting too hot.
-saved a lot of money in the short-term not having to reshingle
-will save a lot of money in the long term because the life of the old shingles has been prolonged
-the light colour is cutting my air conditioning costs
-my roof is stronger and more impermeable now
Video Uploaded on Sep 5, 2010
Hurricane Earl passed through September 4th and blew a tree down in my yard. This video was shot the day after (Sept 5, 2010). An appropriate time to check the roof since ROOFIT is supposed to adhere shingles to the roof as well as make them stronger, more impact resistant and waterproof. I had lost shingles prior to applying ROOFIT in much lower wind speeds than we were exposed to by Hurricane Earl but no shingles got loose from my roof thanks to ROOFIT.

Original Black Shingle Roof- Custom Color Coated Shingle – No Shingle blown away after Heavy Winds and Rain  After High Winds
Here are some photos Dom. Let me know if there are any others you may want.The one with the black roof was taken prior to Hurricane Earl,
the one with the tree blown over was taken Sept 4, 2010 during Hurricane Earl and the rest were taken today, Sept 5, 2010 – the day after the hurricane.
Not one shingle missing and I  have lost shingles prior to using ROOF-IT with much less wind than we were exposed to yesterday

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

1 month ago
My roof is great!! I plan to do a short video and post it as a response here to give people an idea of how mine looks.

I can say that I am very happy with the results of using [Supercoat] and I can go one better on the abrasion resistance of the product. I spilled a little on my deck (just a drop here and there) and tried to sand it off with an electric sander and 80 grit sandpaper. Result: the stain around the [Supercoat] came off and the wood is lighter but the [Supercoat] drops are still on the deck.
smorgdonkey 1 month ago
2 months ago
Last week I applied another 12.5 gallons to my roof. The product seems to be fantastic – what were old and ‘in need of replacement’ roof shingles which had lost much of the ‘pebble’ and were starting to lift on the edges are now covered with the [Supercoat] product and are solid, adhered to the surrounding shingles and the product looks great too…I realize that my roof is much more visible from street level than I had thought when I posted the first time.
smorgdonkey 2 months ago
2 months ago
I applied 15 gal today on my roof. Hard work but not as hard as tearing off the old shingles and carrying all the new bundles up and hammering them on!

I’m about half done. I chose a very light colour beige so that less heat will be absorbed into the attic of the house and even though it is a non-traditional look to not have a darker colour roof, my roof is not really visible from street level so it won’t really matter.

People probably think “that nut is PAINTING his roof!”

Yes…yes I am.

California USA

Dear …  (A US distributor of SuperCoat);
We wanted to write and let you know how pleased we are with your product Supercoat. We have a geodesic dome house built in 1985. The roof is not typical shingle material, but more of a molded composite fiberglass. Over the years, we have had numerous roof leaks which have caused extensive dry wall damage to our 26 foot ceiling.My husband tried many times to locate the roof leaks and patch them. He used mostly tar and caulk and sometimes did succeed in stopping some of the leaks for a time. But over the years, with heat and cold conditions, eventually the roof would leak again. We painted our entire roof in 2002 with a high-end marine paint, thinking that would seal all of the leaks. We had all of the drywall repaired and repainted. After just a few months, we noticed the drywall staining and bubbling again, and knew the leaks were back. So we began an intense search to locate a product that would truly seal our roof all over. We found the Chiri Enterprises website, and read about the Roof-It product. The description of what it could do sounded perfect. We sent away for a sample to try it out. My husband talked with […] who was helpful and knowledgeable about the product.
We ordered 20 gallons in a custom color that we chose to match our current roof/siding color scheme. We hired Sheldon and Sons painting contractor, local to our area, to paint our roof with 2 coats of Supercoat. They power washed the roof, then used brushes to prepare the surface and makes sure it was free of debris. They used rollers and brushes to apply the paint, and after the first coat we could see that the paint was different.It seemed to be a molded covering instead of just paint. The very next morning we had about 2 hours of steady rain. We checked our ceiling and walls frequently and were amazed to find no sign of water or dampness. The Supercoat appeared to have sealed the leak in just one coat. We had the second coat applied and have been just amazed at how fully “coated” the roof is. We can see that the product is exactly what we hoped it would be. We are waiting for another rain storm so we can be absolutely sure the leaks are sealed before we get the drywall fixed again. But from the look of the roof, and the documented research done on Supercoat,
we feel confident that we have finally found a product to solve our roof leaks.
Thank you so much.

California USASept 2009Portfolio for this Supercoat residential application

Dear … (a US distributor for SuperCoat),

I bought 5 gallons of Supercoat to repair one section of the roof of my one story ranch house. The section of roof faces the front of the house and is easily visible from the street.
The section that had a leak is a triangular shaped sloped section about 15 feet per side. I had the color of Supercoat matched to the shingles as suggested by … (a US distributor for Supercoat).
The Supercoat arrived in about 1 week. Supercoat was very easy to apply with a roller and the color matched the other parts of the roof very well. My son and I put on one coat in about 1 hour. The Supercoat covered shingles initially had a sheen to them that made that section of the roof stick out for the first few days but after weathering for about one week the Supercoat covered section of roof is not easily distinguishable from the other sections of roof. From the street or sidewalk in front of the house one cannot tell any difference between different sections of the roof, except as noted above. That is, the color of the Supercoat section does not look different in color does look a little more uniform in color. We have now had two significant rain storms and the roof no longer leaks. We only used about half of the amount ordered as we only needed one coat, but we are happy to have more on hand if we need it. We had an estimate of $8500 to replace the roof and Supercoat cost $420 including shipping. I strongly recommend Supercoat.

Glendale, WI USA
Pierrefonds (Montreal) Quebec Canada

Supercoat! Love It!!

We tried everything to fix the leak from our roof. We had a new roof installed but it still leaked. We tarred the roof but that did not work. We added some roofing membrane but that did not help. So our last resort was the wonderful product “Supercoat” sold by [Supercoat local distributor].

After the strong wind and rain from the tail-end of hurricane Earl, it is safe to say that your Supercoat product worked! So here is the little testimonial as promised.I am happy to say that after many rain storms, the water did not leak in the house. Thank you for such a great product!

Pierrefonds (Montreal) Quebec Canada Sept 2010Photo Gallery for this Supercoat Residential Application